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Missonary Support

Immanuel Lutheran Church believes in the Acts 1:8 model of mission:  “ . . . and you will be My witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth”.  Putting this Scripture into context in our culture, this means that our commitment to mission is to reach out in our own community, witness in outlying areas in our state and metropolitan area, and to support mission in the United States and missionaries in other countries. 


In the paragraphs below, you will see how it is that we do that.  It is our privilege to regularly support the following missionaries and mission organizations through our “Gift of Joy” fund and other mission giving at Immanuel.  To help support any of these missionaries, click on “donate” on the mission page.


Rev. Alcamar Prando

Brazil Mission Society

Charqueadas, Brazil


Immanuel has supported Pastor Prando and his family since 2003, when the Prandos were first called to Good Shepherd Lutheran Church in Charqueadas, Rio Grande do Sul.  They served there for five years, and accepted a call in 2008 to Philadelphia Lutheran Church in Mercedes, Parana' (still in the southern part of Brazil but about 14 hours northwest by car).


Short term mission teams from Immanuel have visited and served with the Prandos in Brazil since 2004.  Together with our Brazilian friends, we have hosted street fairs, put on Christ centered programs at public schools in the city, visited several privately run Christian facilities, and more. 


The Prandos are proud parents of a son, Lucas and a daughter, Luana. 

Todd & Kim Roeske

Alaska Mission for Christ

Copper Center, Alaska


After sixteen years in the southern island of the Philippines, Todd, Kim and their four daughters relocated their mission service to Copper Center, Alaska in January, 2006.  Talk about extreme opposite . . . weather and culture!  Todd was ordained as a pastor in April, 2007 and serves Mt. Drum Lutheran Church in Copper Center.  However, because most other communities in the area are very rural and a pastor cannot be supported, Todd’s work expands to several of these local and distant communities as well.


Immanuel’s first short-term mission team went to Copper Center in June, 2007 to support their Vacation Bible School program for over 90 children, and another Immanuel team returned in 2008.  What a blessing to see the smiles of the children as they learned about the life of Jesus, His death, His resurrection, and His great love for each of them!


If you would like more information about the Roeske’s ministry, you may request their newsletter via email at toddroeske@juno.com.  Also, check out the website for Alaska Mission for Christ at www.amc-inc.org. 

Rev. Roger Wright

Mid-West Regional Director

The Mission Society


Roger is a “mission mobilizer”, serving the local church through the gifts of encouragement, teaching and mentoring.  Through special weekend seminars called “Global Outreach Weekends”, Roger trains pastors and church leaders to more effectively fulfill their role in the Great Commission.  Regardless of the church’s current degree of involvement in outreach, the seminar facilitates the process of casting a more strategic vision that provides opportunities for every member to be personally involved.  After the seminar, the relationship is continued through mentoring meetings with mission leaders of the church. 


Immanuel has supported the work and ministry of Rev. Wright since 2002.  Besides his extensive work in mentoring churches in the U.S., Roger’s deep commitment to the mission of the church has led him also to train and lead short-term mission teams in India, Kenya, Zambia, South Africa, Haiti, Costa Rica, and among Native American Indians.    For more information, contact the Mission Society website at www.themissionsociety.org. 

Rev. Greg Lorenz

The LATINO Mission Society

Southwest Detroit, MI

Hispanic ministry began in the metropolitan Detroit area in 1996, and in 2002 the LATINO Mission Society was established.  Their mission statement is to “bring the message of eternal life in Jesus Christ to Hispanics and Latinos in Michigan”.  Pastor Greg Lorenz is the Administrative Director for the mission.


In 2007, LATINO Mission acquired new headquarters at 1450 McKinstry in southwest Detroit (former congregation of Bethlehem Lutheran Church).  They have a large sanctuary with wrap around balcony seating.  There is also a three story school building which includes six classrooms, a kitchen, a large auditorium and a total of 14,000 square feet of ministry space!


Besides regular financial support, Immanuel’s partnership with LATINO involves other kinds of support such as “work weekends” to help them with facility repairs and updates, volunteers to help with Vacation Bible School, providing Christmas gifts to neighborhood children as an outreach to their community, and other support for special projects.  For more information, go to their website at www.LATINOMission.org.

Paul & Ali Federwicz

Lutheran Bible Translators

Ghana, West Africa


Paul and Ali have served in Ghana, West Africa since January, 2007.  Paul works as an Information Technology Consultant and trainer for the computers that are used in the important work of Bible translation.  Currently, work is in progress to translate Scripture into the local language of “Dagbani”.  Ali is a teacher, and currently serves as an Advisor for field missionaries who are home schooling their children. 


Paul and Ali have two daughters.  For more information on the Federwicz’s and/or LBT, go to www.LBT.org. 


John & Darcey Vermilya

Kingdom Building Ministries


John and Darcey live in Buckley, Michigan with their four daughters and a son.  John is an itinerant preacher and he travels often (especially during the spring and summer months) to share the Gospel in messages at large youth gatherings, retreats, rallies and concerts.  One of John’s messages entitled “The Resistance” challenges Christians to live as strong and committed followers of Christ in a post-modern world that encourages worldly values.


KBM is offering a discipleship program for youth called “The Experience”.  Thirty youth join together from around the country for 45 days to live in community as a group.  They are involved in team building activities, in-depth Bible study, travel and dedicated time with God in many different environments.  There are opportunities for coaching with KBM leaders.  The groups also serve in various ministry opportunities, leading up to a short-term mission experience in Africa, working in a church orphanage and school. 


Besides his full time ministry with Kingdom Building Ministries, John serves their home congregation in Buckley, speaking on weekends whenever possible.  For more information about KBM or “The Experience”, check out Kingdom Building website at www.kbm.org.

Shannon Kandt, Central Florida University


Shannon began her ministry at Michigan State University in campus evangelism, and is now serving in a leadership capacity with CRU at Central Florida University.  Shannon’s ministry involves working with female students in relational evangelism, discipleship, encouragement, and through servant projects.  She has many opportunities to witness her faith in relationship with students on campus through Bible studies, "girls night out" events, and more.  She also makes the most of spring break to reach visiting students through special events that focus on the environment of students who are vacationing in Florida for the week.

Graham & Lori West (Thailand)

Missionary Athletes, International

The West family completed their first term of overseas service in Thailand, focusing on leadership training in sports evangelism, especially the game of soccer.  In many places, Christian witness is either not welcome or not allowed, and evangelism through sports is an excellent way to share the Gospel in a relational way.  In 2012, the West's returned to the U.S. and are currently working out of the MAI home office in Charlotte, NC.  But that doesn't keep them stateside -- they frequently travel to train leaders in other parts of the world in leading sports clinics, teaching methods of relational evangelism through these events.  For more information on the West's, check out their blog:  www.ourfamilyinthailand.blogspot.com; or go to the MAI website at:  www.maisoccer.com

Rev. Carlos and Lidia Winterle (Nairobi, Kenya)

LCMS World Mission

The Winterle’s are from Brazil, and they have been full-time missionaries in Africa since 2006.  After completing four years of service in Nairobi, Kenya, the Winterle's moved in 2010 to Capetown, South Africa where Pastor Winterle currently serves at St. Thomas Lutheran Church.  His main focus in ministry is to train pastors through the TTE (Theological Training by Extension) in Mozambique and Angola.  Pastor Winterle travels frequently to those countries to oversee the training and installation of new pastors.