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Senior Links

Ø  Here are some great links that you may find helpful - these are not meant to be the only authority in the field of concern and Immanuel does not take responsibility for the content of these pages! Blessing, Dr. Gary L. Pawlitz (gpawlitz@immlutheran.org)


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Did you know? It is predicted that by 2030, 22% of the U.S. population will be over 65; and 50% of the members of Lutheran congregations will be over 65.


Scams and the senior. Go to fbi.gov scams and look for "Fraud Target: Senior Citizens"


If you can't make it to church

1. you may want to check out Worshipforshutins.org.

2. you man want to listen to the Lutheran Hour- there are 4 stations that carry it on Sundays - they are: Farmington Hills 1130 AM @ 6:30 am or Detroit 560 (wrdt) AM @ 12 noon or Port Huron 1450 AM or 1590 Am @ 5 am. If you are traveling and have XM SATELLITE it is on at 1 pm on XM170.




If you would like to be on Pastor Mike's Daily Devotion list - please E-mail him at mlutz@immlutheran.org and he will be happy to include you in his list for the devotions


  Issues in Christian Education featured “Older Adults: Stewards of the Church’s Future” in its Summer 2014 issue.


  For those who have lost a loved one this year: Coping with Grief during the Holidays from Vitas Healthcare.

The November/December issue of Grand magazine is now online. (Grand is for grandparents and their families.) The cover story is “Gifting Love for the Holidays,” with many other articles that will entice the grandparent within you. Take a look


Ø  Have you looked at Grand magazine yet? It’s all digital and filled with lots of articles of special interest to grandparents. Check it out.

The Huffington Post offers “How to Cope When a Family Member Has Alzheimer’s.”

  Are you up for a little browsing? Explore the government’s Administration on Aging website

  And if you’re up for a little more browsing, check out the government’s Senior Citizens’ Resources website.


Ø  One danger in retirement is overspending.  See this article from USA Today. (Senior Newswire)

Ø  Auto insurance discounts for older drivers? In some states, yes, according to another article in USA Today. But you have to take a class from AARP or AAA. (Senior Newswire)

What a deal! See this Huffington Post article on discounts for older travelers. In fact, you might want to browse around the rest of the page too.

Ø  In the end, it’s your call, but check out “What seniors should look for in a phone.” (Senior Newswire)

  Be careful of what you mix! See “Some Meds and Meals Don’t Mix” from ThirdAge.com.


Ø  It has undoubtedly crossed your mind:The Broken Hip: A Moment That Changes Everything.” (Savvy Senior


Ø  Don’t get swindled! See “Phone Swindlers Tap Into Fear and a Sense of Duty” from The New York Times.

Ø  Your health depends on good communication. See “Train your doctors to treat you right” from Market Watch. (Senior Newswire)

Ø  Financial safety: See “Financial protection for older Americans” from Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


Ø  Sometimes you just wonder, so see What Does the Bible Say?


Ø  Never too old to learn:10 Lessons I Learned After Two Weeks With My 2-Year-Old Granddaughter” from Huff Post 50.

Ø  Generations United has released a major report titled “Intergenerational Family Connections: The Relationships That Support a Strong America.”

Ø  Sometimes you just wonder, so see What Does the Bible Say?

Ø  A longer but interesting article is “Successful Aging: A Lifestyle Choice” from ThirdAge.com.




Ø  What a deal! See this Huffington Post article on discounts for older travelers. In fact, you might want to browse around the rest of the page too.


Ø  Perhaps you’ve been wondering… How much is your old stuff worth?

Ø  Don’t be fooled. See “8 Myths About Anti-Aging Practices” from USAToday.


Ø  May is Older Americans Month. If you’re part of an organization—or just want additional information—check out Administ.


Ø  If you’re a grandparent, check out Grand online magazine. (Generations United)

Ø  USAToday reports, “Attention, Retirees…You can still have fun: Here’s how” from the April 16, issue


Ø  Nobody likes to hear that they can’t hear. But take a look at “Hearing Problems Make Senior Citizens More Introverted, Withdrawn” from SeniorJournal. Includes a link to a guide to hearing aids and other hearing loss information. (Browse around SeniorJournal while you’re there.)

Ø  Where do you stand? See “How Doctors Rate Patients” from The Wall Street Journal. (Senior Newswire)


Ø  Use caution! “7 Worst Things to Say to a Friend on a Diet.”


Ø  Getting around in your car getting tough? See this article on driving aids. (Senior Newswire)

Ø  Forget your worries. HealthDay says, “Senior Moments Don’t Seem to Lead to Dementia for Most.(Senior Newswire)

Ø  Sweet dreams!How Boomers Can Get a Good Night’s Sleep” from “Market Watch” at The Wall Street Journal. (Savvy Senior Newswire)

Ø  It’s older than you! The umbrella is more than 4,000 years old! March is Umbrella Month. Need some tips to celebrate? Check here. And here. Maybe have a party! (But where are they when you need them?)


Ø  You can learn more about arthritis from the Arthritis Foundation web pages.

Ø  Looking for a job? See “Work-at-Home Retirement Opportunities for Retirees” from Huff Post.

Ø  What do you do when it looks like none of your prayers are heard? Get one answer to that question…and more from Keep Me and Keep All.


Ø  Read this and pass along to your children:What You Should Know About Your Parents’ Affairs” from Post 50. (Senior Newswire)


v  USAToday offers “Three things to know when hiring home health aide.” (Senior Newswire)


Ø  Is it true? Check out the credibility of what you hear at Snopes. The website lists a variety of scams and misinformation.

Ø  Don’t all rush the drugstore, but recent research says that sunscreen can slow the skin’s aging process. Read about it.

Ø  Visiting with grandchildren? See “5 Free Activities to Do With Your Grandchildren” from My Silver Age. Add a sixth: Take them to church.

Ø  Huh? See what the New Old Age says about “When Hearing Aids Won’t Do.”



Ø  What impact can you have on grandchildren? See “Twenty Ideas for Grandparents” from research reported by Fuller Youth Institute.


Ø  CASA network pitches some of its books, but the website also has free, useful articles, such as “What Will Your Life Say?


Ø  Want to browse a little? See the American Federation for Aging Research (afar) page. (No kidding.)


Ø  Hitting the news lately:All the Lonely People: How We Live Alone Past 65.”

Ø  Something to browse: Social Media Scoop for Seniors. A sample title from this blog: “4 Ways Older Adults Who Can’t Drive Can Catch a Ride.”

Ø  Lutherans for Life offers a video clip on Christian estate planning.


Ø  May is Older Americans Month. Check out the following:

·         Unleash the Power of Age

·         History of Older Americans Month

·         Facts from the U.S. Census Bureau


Ø  Wikipedia has an entry for Old Lutherans. Speaking of old Lutherans, there’s an online store by that name too. Lots of “humorous” products.


Ø  Learn about age-related hearing loss in “Hearing Loss: It’s a Family Affair.”


Ø  Got grandkids? (Okay, I see you reaching for the pictures!) Read “Grandparenting: Passing the Baton of Faith” from CASA.


Ø  Worth reading:Who We Are When We Don’t Remember” by Nancy Gordon.


The CDC has guidelines for physical activity for older results.

Look for a smartphone? Huff Post offers some suggestions, especially for older adults.

Are you wired? Check out “Seniors get digital…” in The Oregonian.

Looking for work? See “Employment Resources for Older Job Seekers


Be careful!Study identifies basis for sense of trust in older people


Have fun. See Fun Activities for Seniors


Administration on Aging - the AOA - has many helps for seniors -  aoainfo@aoa.hhs.gov



Skip the tests? Check out The New York Times articles that reports medical tests or procedures to question


 Watch out!

Educate yourself about “10 menacing financial scams.”

Your health: See “10 Early Signs and Symptoms of Alzheimer’s.”  Includes links to other resources, including a chart that compares Alzheimer’s with age-related memory problems


Drugwatch.com is dedicated to informing you about dangerous prescrption drugs and medical devices.

Your roof may be in good shape, but how about your skin? Check out “Why more baby boomers need the shingles vaccine.”




ü  Can you relate?Fears of Aging.”


Not all the best news, but you might be interested in “Top 5 baby-boomer health trends” from CNN.


A report:Multigenerational Families in a Volatile Economy” from Generations United. The report is 50 pages in PDF.

Hope it’s not too late:Tips for Snowbirds Before They Take Flight” from The Wall Street Journal

What should we be called? See this informative and even entertaining article from The New York Times: “Elderly No More.”


About the holidays:Tips for Seniors on Avoiding the Holiday Blues” from the Tampa Bay Times.

Financial fraud is a special risk for older adults during the holiday season. Find out more.

Good to know:5 Questions to Ask about Medicare Advantage Plans” from BloombergBusinessweek.


How about a fall hunting trip?The Hunt for an Affordable Hearing Aid.

Having “the talk”: See “Let’s talk about who’s getting Grandma’s china.”

Ø  Of comfort or concern: “Help for Seniors Who Worry about Memory Problems” from Huffington Post.

US News carries an article with a different twist titled “6 Things Aging Parents Can Do for Their Children


Ø  Look overLeading an Older Adult to Christ.”


Made for you? Read “Companies’ Sites on Aging Consumers” from the Charlotte Observer



Ø  Watch out! “Seniors: Beware the Sales Pitch” from CNN Money.



Ø  Here’s a newer website that might interest you—the Older Adults page at HealthyPeople.gov.



Ø  Hoaxes spread rapidly by email—sometimes even from friends and acquaintances. You can check out known hoaxes at Snopes. You also can sign up for their regular newsletter.



Ø  Worried that your forgetfulness is dementia? Read this.



Ø  Never too late to stop. Smoking, that is.

Ø  Sleep late and take naps. See what it does for longevity.


Sad story. Ministry opportunity? See “Boomers’ lives begin to intersect with losses.


Ø  Do you have adolescent grandchildren? Read this.


Do you get enough exercise? This article suggests that exercise is the key to successful aging


Ø  Then there is mental exercise for a healthy brain. See this.



How’s your health? See “10 Healthcare Trends for Older Americans


v  See AgePage for suggestions on staying fit.




Ø  Sticky business:Acupuncture May Help Some People with COPD.”


Ring, ring…anyone home? Tinnitus, a.k.a. ringing in the ears, affects about 20 percent of the population. Therefore, several of you (and I) suffer it. No cure yet, but you might want to read this HealthDay article on a potential combo therapy



Ø  Do you question your doctor—or do you question questioning your doctor? See this.


Ø  Research shows that seniors are undertreated for asthma.


Ø  May is Older Americans Month. The 2012 theme is “Never Too Old to Play.” Not coincidentally, May also is Arthritis Awareness Month.


v  Browse links to resources for emergency preparedness for seniors.


Ø  Let’s see…tissues, pain killer, spare toilet paper, and … “The proper etiquette of having the flu.


Hate to open my mouth on the subject, but you might benefit from reading “Older Adults and Oral Health.


A new trend? Multigenerational homes


OTHER LINKS THAT MAY BE OF HELP:  http://www.adultdaycare.org






You may have missed this Shaping the Future article from a winter ago: “The Age Wave and the Transformation of the Church” by Shirley Bergman.

What exactly is a senior? See “Seniorhood a moving target


Do you have questions on 'housing' or 'mortgages' - "mortgageloan.com/seniors/" may be of some help.


Does this sound good?10 Ways to Live Large During Retirement


Some of you are painfully aware of this, but you might want to read “Poor eyesight one of the toughest aspects of aging.

A place to browse: American Society on Aging


Ø  See the Winter 2012 issue of Engaging the Aging. Feature article deals with passing on your faith legacy.


Ø  It’s about that time…See “Tax Tips for Retirees.”


Ø  Did you know that Southwest Airlines offers senior discounts on many (if not all) flights? Their senior fare check box appears on their home page. Other airlines offer senior discounts on few flights.


Ø  Do you know about the Social Security changes in 2012? Check here for a brief description.


Ø  Here’s another potentially good diet from Health Day: “Steady Diet of Mental Stimulation Might Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk.”


If you navigate your car with a GPS device, you might also be interested on how GPS devices may help Alzheimer victims


Ø  Pass along a few hints with “Don’t Fall for Christmas: Help a senior avoid injury.”


v  The Administration on Aging offers social media resources for seniors.


v  Have you heard of Go4Life? Check out this fitness program for older adults.


v  And finally… check out this blog: “Seniors: Good Ideas Make for Good Days.”


Be careful. See the “Top 10 Health Care Mistakes Made by the Elderly


Going somewhere? Check out these Holiday Travel Tips for Seniors


Moving? See “Choosing the Right Retirement Community for You


Ø  Legal eagle? (Or is it beagle?) Check out Laws and Regulations Concerning Seniors.


***Challenges of older life are always present, so it might be a refreshing change to read “The Perks of Older Life.” By the way, I’m not sure which version is quoted for the Bible passage. Want to read it from another translation? See it in The Message or the more familiar NIV.


We all love discounts! See SeniorDiscounts.com for lots of sources.

v  Explore a senior newswire service at The Savvy Senior.

National Council on Aging (NCOA) has an article titled “Aging Well at Home


*** DrugWatch.com is a great place to be educated about prescription and over-the-counter medications, drug recalls, medication interactions, and current developments in the medical field.


v  Want to improve your grandparenting skills? See “5 Don’ts of Grandparenting” from AARP.

v  On the scientific side: “Caloric Restriction: Tantalizing Clues to the Aging Process” from American Foundation for Aging Research.


Read more about technology’s potential for helping seniors live independently


Ø  If you love the outdoors—or otherwise will be there anyway—you  might want to read “Summer Skin Care…” from Home Helpers.

Ø  “Retiring from Retirement” from Christianity.ca might provide some stimulating reading.


v  It seems timely to browse “Preparing for an Emergency or Disaster,” with links provided by Administration on Aging.


v  Sounds encouraging: “9 Ways to Remain Physically and Mentally Healthy in Old Age.”


v  Social Security will stop sending statements to save money. Read this and more SS news from U.S. News and World Report.

v  Bone Power is an interactive online bone health program. Find out if you can qualify for this study.

v  If you think you are old, check out the ten oldest people in the Bible. Or if you want to see a YouTube production of the same information, click here.


Ø  A good way to end…read “Passing on a Legacy” from Senior Evangelism Partnership. 



v  Getting around is getting  more expensive. That’s why it might help to read the transportation tips from SeniorArk.com.


************See ABC’S scam alert on the new health care law.


For your health: “Keep an Eye on Silent Killers in the Golden Years.”


How to make a nursing home decision and what is the best type of care - this web page may be of help -Nursing Homes in Michigan

Nursing Homes can be compared in Michigan - this may be of some help - carepathways.com


The American Association of Retired Persons - aarpweb page


Alzheimer and Dementia infomation - alz.org


Scientists at MIT are conducting research on nutritional interventions to Alzheimer’s. Find out more in “Move Aside Drugs: Non-invasive Brain Therapies” from Posit Science.


Also from SceinceDaily.com: “New Alzheimer's Test Offers Better Opportunities for Early Detection.”


v  “Senior moments” or onset of Alzheimer’s? See some recent research.


v  Hearing aids are expensive, so it’s important to get the one that’s best for you. See these Mayo Clinic guidelines.


InfoAging.com claims to have recent research about the aging process.


Do you know the “Top 10 Health Care Mistakes Made by the Elderly” according to ElderLawAnswers.com?


See what research says about how to keep your balance and avoid falls.


Download the “Medicare and You 2010” handbook from Centers for Medicare and Medicade Services.” Printing is not recommended; it is 124 pages. Save it on your computer and read appropriate sections on your monitor.


For health issues, there are several places to find information - Familydoctor.com,mayoclinic.com, hopkinsmedicine.org,JohnsHopkinsHealthAlerts.com


The National Institute on Aging has a web site nia.nih.gov


For law related items for seniors - elderlawsolution.comand/orhttp://www.elderslaw.org


About you and the law…Browse ElderLaw Answers; free newsletter available too.


Want to know about living wills and living trusts? Take a look at “Living Wills and How they Work” from Senior.com.


Our local St. John Hospital has a good page that tells us the upcoming events in health care. http://www.stjohn.org their phone number is 1-888-751-5465


Beaumont hospital system has medical helps. Beaumont.org- just type in your area of concern.


Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Michigan http://www.bcbsm.org


For the Federal Drug Administration - FDA.gov


Pain meds combat chronic pain - www.pain.healthcommunities.com


If you want to interact with others who suffer from or are interested inthe same health concern that you are interested in orhave: healthcommunities.com


The wellness letter from the University of California - school of public health. This is a monthly letter that you can sign up for - wellnessletter.com


Macomb area agency on aging - http://www.aaa1b.comTheir phone number is 800-852-7795. THIS PAGE IS BEING WORKED ON!


Need transportation? Fare is $1.00 for seniors. www.smartbus.org/Smart/Ride+SMART/Services+by+community


For Social Security items or Medicare items - www.socialsecurity.gov


For a cemetery in Macomb County - this may help


www.online-isp.com/~maggie/macomb/cemetery THIS PAGE IS BEING WORKED ON!!


For Funeral homes in Macomb County - this may help - www.online-isp.com/~maggie/macomb/funeralTHIS PAGE IS BEING WORKED ON!!


THE BEST PAGE FOR MACOMB COUNTY SERVICES IS THIS PAGE ... They have links to many services in Macomb County. www.macombcountymi.gov/seniorservices


Equipment for senior mobility - http://www.macombcountymi.gov/seniorservices/page6.htm


If you are a grandparent or are grandparenting - you can google this idea or by clicking on this web page you can receive some possible ideas - grandparents.com


For memory concerns for Seniors - google "seniors andmemory loss" or "seniors andmemory help"


For generalfinancial planning and ideas on money management - google "seniors and financial planning" but remember that you should talk with someone you trust to make final plans.


If you are interested in retirement planning in a general way with general information - google "retirement planning" but remember that you should talk with someone you trust to help you make plans for the future.


For "Money management", "Debt items", and general money items - David Ramsey has some ideas www.daveramsey.com


A place to invest your money - you may want to consider Church Extension Fund. This Fund provides low interestloans to congregations to build ONLY churches, schools, and pastoral housing and you recieve a very competitive interest rate. You can check them out at www.mi-cef.org- Dr. Gary Pawlitz can help you with this process, give him a call at Immanuel Church office 586.286.4231.


Immanuel Lutheran Church hastwo Endowment Funds and one School Endowment Fundin which people can place $$$ for future ministries. The interest can only be used for specific areas. Contact Mr. Brian VanHevel at 586-726-8899 or Jason Mlynarek at 586-244-3424.


How to know if you should continue to drive…see “Safe Driving for Older Adults.”


Find the answer to this question: “Is Your Kitchen Heart Friendly?


We all dread falling and hip injury. You might want to read “What to Do to Protect Your Hips.”


Will the upcoming Winter Olympic Games inspire you? Would you like to be an Olympic athlete? Check out the Senior Olympics. (You have to do a lot of clicking to access all the info. Maybe clicking should be an event!)

Aspirin Info.


To add to your body of body knowledge:


Dr. Virend Somers, a cardiologist from the Mayo Clinic who is lead author of the report in the July 29, 2008 issue of the Journal of the American College of Cardiology.


Most heart attacks occur in the day, generally between 6 A.M.. and noon, Somers said. Having one during the night, when the heart should be most at rest, means that something unusual happened. Somers and his colleagues have been working for a decade to show that sleep apnea is to blame.

1. If you take an aspirin or a baby aspirin once a day, take it at night. The reason: aspirin has a 24-hour "half-life".therefore, if most heart attacks happen in the wee hours of the morning, the aspirin would be strongest in your system.

2. FYI, aspirin lasts a really long time in your medicine chest............years. (when it gets old, it smells like vinegar.)

See what WebMD has to say about aging gracefully


See “What is the Christian view of retirement?”


Find out about the FDA’s “Bad Ad” campaign and program to protect against misleading drug ads.


AARP has an extensive website that helps to explain the health care reforms. See “Health Care Reform Explained.” Contains an email address to ask additional questions.


Talk about a field trip: Consider an interactive tour of the brain from the Alzheimer’s Association. It includes Brain Basics, Alzheimer’s Disease and the Brain, and more.


Nerve cells and old age—see what Science Daily has to say. (At least about mice!)


Whether you sleep well or poorly, learn more about Sleep and Aging from the National Institute on Aging


Senior.com asks, “Can You Accept That You Are Getting Older?”


They know a lot about you! See Facts and Figures about Senior Citizens.


v  The Wall Street Journal talks about compensating a family caregiver. 



v  We pray you never need to know this, but “What to Expect When a Loved One has Dementia” might be helpful information.



v  Kiplinger offers “A Step-by-Step Guide to Comparing Your Medicare Options.” (May take some time to load.)


v  ’Tis the season to be blue. At least that’s true for many seniors. Find out more. Along those same lines see “Seniors Can Beat the Holiday Blues.” 



v  You probably already know this, but USAToday reports, “Stay fit after 65 to live longer, better.” 



Ø  Planning to travel? You might want to read "Tips for Safe and Healthy Travel by Senior Citizens" from the CDC.

v  “Help Seniors Beat the Holiday Blues” provides some helpful tips.


v  See a thought-provoking article on aging from Spirituality for Today. Consider the implications of younger people aiding the aging—however much younger they may be.

v  Always something to think about: “Top 10 Health Care Mistakes Made by the Elderly.”


v  Fall Prevention Awareness Week slipped by but you still access a variety of resources about falling.

v  Balance exercises may help to prevent falls.

v  Be sure to read the sensible cautionary statement about “Senior Citizen Annual Physical Exam: Updated Guidelines,” but the info appears helpful and practical.

v  US News & World Report offers “8 Money Trends Shaping Seniors’ Lives.”


v  If you’re considering a continuing care retirement community, US News also has a report on “How to Evaluate Retirement Communities.”

v  The San Francisco Chronicle reports on “The Top 6 Ways to Ruin Your Retirement.”

Ø  Do you take advantage of senior discounts? Can you do better? Find out from Gregory Karp in The Chicago Tribune.


v  You might enjoy an afternoon of browsing The New Old Age page of The New York times.