To Know Christ is to Share His Love

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At Immanuel, we are committed to making a difference in the kingdom of God and in the community. We do this by simply living the lives that God has made for us.  Everyone here is broken, healed, and renewed in the love of Jesus.  While each of us have a unique journey, together as a faith-based community we are committed to sharing His love with all people.  Our ministry focus as followers of Jesus is to uplift, encourage, love, and support one another.  As followers of Jesus we strive each day to center our lives around worshiping, learning and sharing Him with everyone.  


Worship at Immanuel ranges from traditional to interactive with weekend services designed to meet the needs of each person.  Services engage all with the love of Jesus, and the gifts of God.  We encourage families to be together, grow together and invite others to come and experience faith and life together in any of our services.  We know that each person will find Immanuel to be a place called home, because here all are part of the family.


Learning never stops: together we support one another through learning more about Jesus and His love for us through the Scriptures.  We offer studies for any family dynamic, from Sunday morning studies for all ages beginning in infancy, to weekday small groups in and around the community, to on-line devotionals.  All are called to learn more about Jesus and to share the truth and grace of God for His most loved creation…humans.


Sharing is our response to the love of Jesus.  Since we have the endless, abounding treasures of Jesus, we cannot help but share His love through the gift of our time, talents and treasures.  To each of us God entrust relationships: from intimate friends and family, to casual acquaintances. We all have a  call to share His love, in His time and ways, watching for doors to open and opportunites to arise.  Also, at Immanuel we are committed to being a church and people that takes care of the hurting, weak, oppressed, and needy.  We will make a difference in our local community and the world, because our heart is His heart of love for all people.  No matter who we are, what we have done, or where we have been, God loves all!  

Immanuel is a community focused, Christ centered, home for all.  We are excited that you are taking some time to find out more.

Welcome to Immanuel.

Greg S. Griffith

Lead Pastor