Run the Plank

5K for Macomb

Run the Plank June 24, 2017








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If you have any difficulty registering, please call the church office (586)286.4231 and ask for Sue Grunewald.


In 2011, Pastor Greg from Immanuel had an idea to coordinate with St. Peter and St. Isidore to do something great for the community.

His philosophy was as three large churches each does good work for the community, but imagine the amazing good that could happen if they came together.  Together each church pledged to give support of planners, and also that every dollar that was received after expenses were paid would go out to the community.  No church would gain one dollar from this historic and ambitious venture.

This launched the 5k community effort.  The dream was launched with an idea of gaining about 500 participants, and closing down Romeo Plank for the route.  With lots of prayer and great cooperation from the Macomb Township Board, and County Sheriff dept, and Fire dept., 2012 became the inaugeral RTP 3 miles of Faith.


In 2012 RTP was able to gain 920 participants far exceeding anyone’s thoughts or expectations.  Together we raised over $20,000 which was donated to the MISD Homeless Student Education Program, effectively doubling their yearly budget.  Also, we collected 10,000 pairs of shoes (yes we had to count), which were donated to Soles for Souls.

In 2013 RTP had over 1200 participants and raised over $40,000 for local charities in the community.

In 2014 RTP had over 1400 participants, and raised over $55,000 for local charities in the community.  This officially also made RTP the largest 5k run walk in the state of Michigan.

In 2015 RTP had over 1600 participants and raised over $45,000 for local charities in the community.

In 2016 RTP completed its 5th year as a Run Walk for the community with over 1600 participants, RTP officially now has donated over $190,000 back to local charities in Macomb County.

Volunteer for RTP at Immanuel

Immanuel hosts two parts of the Run the Plank.  On Friday we are the packet pickup location and also participants may eat four different types of Pasta.  Generally, we seek about 20 volunteers to help distribute the packets and t-shirts, and help with the distribution of food.

Also, on Saturday morning, Immanuel is the start line for the event.  We have opportunites for people to greet the over 1600 partipants and their families, and also be facility ambassadors.  If you’d like to help out at all, please contact Pastor Greg