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Dress Code & School Uniforms

Land's End School Uniforms

300x100_lesu_wdgOur dress code at Immanuel for Kindergarten - 8th grade requires Land's End School Uniforms. Use the links on this page to go directly to our Immanuel Land's End page. Only items on our Immanuel Land's End page are allowed to be worn as part of our school uniform dress code.

Shop through our Immanuel direct link - Lands’ End School Uniforms - Immanuel Lutheran School.

Our Preferred School Number is 900094343.

Immanuel Dress Code

Dress Code - K to 8 - Immanuel Lutheran School - 2016-2017


Chippewa Valley School District provides busing for students of Immanuel Lutheran School that live within the Chippewa Valley district.  Both morning and afternoon busing is available through the Chippewa Valley district.  Morning busing is mixed in with other Chippewa Valley students and buses may stop at Chippewa Valley schools in route to Immanuel.  After school busing by Chippewa Valley is only for Immanuel students and takes students directly home.

School Hours

  • School doors open at 7:55 am.
  • A bell rings at 8:10 am to signal that school will begin in five minutes.
  • The final bell is at 8:15 am.  Students who are not in their classroom at this bell are considered tardy.
  • The school day for grades Kindergarten - 8th Grade ends at 3:16 pm

Bus Request Form

Hot Lunch Program

Hot lunch is served on each full day of school. Our hot lunch program is run by All About Catering and Chef Rick Raimando, his staff, and with help from our volunteer parents.

Cost for each daily lunch is $3.25 for Kindergarten - 8th Grade. Each day students have an option of the main entrée for the day, hamburger and chips, hot dog and chips, or salad. Each meal includes fresh fruit and vegetables, hot vegetable, and tossed salad.

Hot lunch is a pay in advance program. Parents are invoiced through Smart Tuition for hot lunch. Students should not take hot lunch unless they have money in their hot lunch account. However, in the event a student does not have a lunch and makes the teacher aware of this, the school will see to it that the child is offered some substitute lunch.

Each month, your child's hot lunch bill/credit statement will be emailed to parents.

1% White or Chocolate milk is included in registration fees so it will be available to all students.

Scrips Program

Scrips is a program where families purchase gift cards in which a portion of the gift card purchase is awarded to you, the parent, and put into your school account. You may use your Scrip earnings any way that you would choose (i.e. tuition, hot lunch, registration, field trips, class trips, or for future purchases of gift cards through our Scrip Program).

One of our most popular gift cards is the Lands' End card which can be used to purchase our school uniforms. Also, there are cards available for gas, restaurants, and groceries. Gift cards make great gifts and can be purchased through this program.

A list of available scrip cards is available from the school office or go to for a complete listing.

This program is a service to Immanuel families and receives no fee for doing the processing. Scrip cards can be ordered weekly and delivered weekly.

Payment must be made with the order.

For further information about the Scrips Program, please contact the school office at (586) 286-7076.

School Safety Drills


In accordance with HOUSE BILL No. 4713

  1. Monday, September 12, 2016 - Fire Drill
  2. Tuesday, September 20, 2016 - Fire Drill
  3. Friday, September 23, 2016 - Fire Drill
  4. Monday, September 26, 2016 - Severe Weather Drill
  5. Friday, October 10, 2016  - Fire Drill
  6. Friday, October 7, 2016 – “Lockdown” Drill
  7. Monday, November 7, 2016 - “Lockdown” Drill