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Mrs. Blickensdorf

Mrs. Blickensdorf has been teaching here at Immanuel since 2003. Before coming to Immanuel, Mrs. Blickensdorf taught Music at St. Luke, Clinton Township and Special Education at St. John, Fraser through Lutheran Special Education Ministries. Mrs. Blickensdorf is married to John and they have twin daughters, Abigail and Laura, who are 3rd Graders at Immanuel. Both Mr. and Mrs. Blickensdorf grew up in the area and attended St. Peter, Macomb and Lutheran High School North. Mrs. Blickensdorf loves teaching 4th grade as well as serving as the Director of Children's Music. She is the director of the Beginning and Advanced Bands, the 4th grade choir, and also teaches recorders to the 4th graders.

My husband and I are involved in the Growing Kids God's Way parenting curriculum series.  GKGW is at the core of my parenting and teaching philosophies.  If would like to learn more about it, please feel free to chat with me.  I love sharing this common sense approach to parenting with other people.

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Mrs. Horvath

Kara Horvath graduated from Concordia University in Wisconsin and has been teaching since 1999. She has been at Immanuel since 2006.  Before this she taught 5th grade at a school in Wisconsin, 4th grade at a Lutheran school in Illinois, and 3rd grade at St. John in Rochester.  She has her masters in Reading.  She has been trained in DIBELS and with Reading Horizons.  In the past year she has completed classes on teaching students with autism and creating centers.

She is married to Mr. Horvath who teaches Religion at Lutheran High North.  They have a daughter and a son, both who are students at Immanuel.  Mrs. Horvath's mom is a retired teacher from whom she learned the love of teaching.  Since she attended school with her mom from birth, Mrs. Horvath has been going at school all of her life, and loves to learn more daily.

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Field Trips

4th Grade Field Trips

  • Henry Ford Museum/Greenfield Village alternating years - Greenfield Village this year on October 27th
  • Michigan Science Center
  • Macomb Symphony Orchestra - 1/2 day field trip, February 21st
Choir Schedule

Fourth Grade Choir Schedule 2017-2018

4th Grade Choir sings Sun., Oct. 1 11:00 AM
4th Grade Choir sings Sun., Dec. 3 8:00 AM
4th Grade Choir sings Sun., Feb. 4 11:00 AM
4th Grade Choir sings Wed. Mar. 14 4:00 PM
4th Grade Choir sings Sun. Apr. 22 11:00 AM
Grades 1-4 Musical “Kidz Under Construction” Fri., May 4 7:00 PM
4th Grade Choir & Recorders perform at Immanuel’s Spring Concert Thurs., May 17 7:00 PM



Curriculum - 4th Grade

Religion - Bible Study, review of the History of the Old Testament and focusing on the New Testament, memory work, worship, chapel

Math - Place Value, Multidigit Addition and Subtraction, Multiplication wth Whole Numbers, Division with Whole Numbers, Equations with Word Problems, Measurement, Fraction Concepts and Operations, Fractions and Decimals, and Geometry.

Language Arts

  • Reading - Comprehension, Vocabulary, Study Skills, and Phonics taught through a variety of children's literature.
  • English/Writing - Curriculum is divided into 2 major sections. The first section discusses grammar, usage, and mechanics. Students will learn about the sentence, nouns, verbs, adjectives, capitalization, punctuation, pronouns, adverbs, and prepositions. The second section deals with writing, listening, speaking, and reading. Students will write their own personal narrative using the steps of the writing process. Students will also demonstrate writing abilities in instructions, research reports, opinions, and persuasions.
  • Spelling - Patterned, grade-appropriate lessons including proofreading, writing, and vocabulary activities.
  • Handwriting - Continued mastery of the cursive alphabet (also incorporated into daily lessons).

Social Studies - Our Country's Regions, Economics, Citizenship, Geography, Government, History, Current Issues, and Culture.

Science - A variety of topics including Living Things, Earth and its Resources, Weather and Space, Matter, and Forces and Energy.

Physical Education - Skills, physical fitness.

Current Events - A weekly periodical is used to keep students updated on U.S. and world news.

Media Center - Computer time is used to foster keyboarding skills, software navigation skills, basic technology terminology (including hardware) and Internet awareness.

Music - Music theory, history, listening awareness, and recorder playing skills.

Choir - Proper vocal technique, introduction to sight-singing, participation in worship services and concerts

Art - The fourth grade program includes drawing technique, and exposure to a variety of art medium, art appreciation, the seven elements of art, and cultural/historical projects.

Spelling Word Lists
Classroom Resources

AR Bookfinder - to see if books are AR

English/Grammar Series

Math Expressions

Reading Series

Science Series - Lots of great info including lesson reviews, online quizzes, and vocabulary games.  Great for reviewing for tests!

States and Caps Sample Tests

States and Caps practice #1

States and Caps practice #2

States and Caps practice #3