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"The aim of art is to represent not the outward appearance of things, but their inward significance."~Aristotle

What’s Happening in the Art Room?!

My Educational Philosophy


The arts teach children that problems can have more than one solution and that questions can have more than one answer.” – Elliot Eisner


     As an educator, I have the opportunity to inspire and nurture young minds. The Art room is a place that provides students with the opportunity to learn and explore the world’s different cultures as well as the communities around them. The Visual Arts introduces students to the practices of artists and their thoughts, and I hope that my classroom will foster a greater appreciation of creativity. Artists are always searching for new and innovative ways to think, plan, and build, which is the spark of curiosity. Curiosity is something of great value. It is that strong desire to learn that led me to become an educator, and this love of learning is something that I will instill in my students.

  This being said, I feel that the value of the Visual Arts is often times overlooked in schools. There is a disconnect and a belief that Art is separate from all other subjects, but I believe that Art is present in all subjects. Students can incorporate ideas and concepts that they learn in an Art room and apply them to any other subject. The Visual Arts promote the development of skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, reasoning, analysis, interpretation, self-direction, planning, adaptability, communication, collaboration, and cooperation. All of these valuable skills can be applied in any realistic or classroom setting, which I will always emphasize in my classroom.

     Art is a place for all types of diverse learners to succeed because it is a place where inquiry is encouraged. I believe in giving students various choices when it comes to art-making, which places them into the role as the artist. When students think through their problems and achieve their goals, they experience authentic learning. My classroom will always be a safe environment and community for students to grow and collaborate with their peers. My students will learn about responsibility, tolerance, and acceptance, which is necessary to ensure a kind and promising future society. The Visual Arts is an ideal place to support the students’ emotions, beliefs, and ideas and I look forward to learning and growing alongside my students.

~ Advocacy for the Visual Arts ~

Michigan and National Core Visual Arts Standards

Our Visual Arts Curriculum at Immanuel:

In the Immanuel Art room, students are learning in a student-centered, choice-based, collaborative, hands on atmosphere. Our program is directly linked to both the state and national core Visual Arts Standards. For a detailed overview of our program, simply click download on the curriculum PDF on the right.

Maria Cardaris

Art Teacher
About Me: Miss Cardaris The Arts have been a part of my life since the age of five. I grew up having a great love of performing and entertaining, which is when I fell into the Performing Arts. As much as I loved the theatre and performing, I knew that I was interested in the more technical aspects of stage and film. I followed my curiosity of cinematography, which led me to the Fine Arts and photography. Ten years later, I not only am a photographer, but an educator. I have always had a great love of learning and teaching, and I knew that my career would have to combine all of the things I loved into one. I received my BA in Art K-12 Education where I specialized in Photography at Oakland University in April of 2017. I am so incredibly blessed to be a part of the staff at Immanuel for my second year of teaching, and am very excited to have my Art program expanding this year to 5 days a week!

Art Schedule 2018-2019

Monday: Kindergarten-Williams, 2nd Grade- O’Mera & Pettibone, Advcanced 6th Grade, 4th Grade- Blickensdorf & Horvath Tuesday: Kindergarten- Gore, 1st Grade- Clements & Neumeyer, Advanced 7th/8th Grade, 3rd Grade- Jacques & DeVoy Wednesday: 6th Grade- Van Hevel & Barnes, 5th Grade- Roberts & Seikmann, 8th & 7th Grade (rotation based on trimesters) Thursday: Kindergarten- Willams, 4th Grade- Blickensdorf & Horvath, Advanced 6th Grade, 1st Grade- Neumeyer & Clements Friday: Kindergarten- Gore, 2nd Grade- Pettibone & O’Mera, 3rd Grade- DeVoy & Jacques, Advanced 7th/8th Grade Art

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