Casas Por Cristo

Young Adult Mission to the Dominican Republic

Who: College Age – 20s Young Adults
When: May 14th thru 20th, 2018 | Dominican Republic
Cost: $1050 (includes airfare, baggage, food, lodging, in country transportation, & construction costs)

The need:
While the Dominican’s $1 billion tourist industry may give the appearance of a thriving nation, the
stark reality is that 40% of Dominicans live in poverty, surviving on less than $1.50 a day, and the
unemployment rate stands at a daunting 60%. Families are left in desperation struggling to pay for
food, safe drinking water, and adequate housing. Many families have to choose whether or not to
put the majority of their income into housing, knowing that there will only be pennies left to provide
other basic necessities. Heartrendingly, some families get caught up in the the human trafficking industry, which is a $9.5 billion a year industry in the Dominican.

What can we do?:
This trip is about more than just building a house. By working alongside the Dominican church, and
Casas por Cristo we will help alleviate families’ financial burdens. With the provision of safe and
secure housing, the largest tangible gift anyone will ever receive, you can proclaim the truth of God’s
love not only to a family, but also to the community at large. Through the gift of a free home to a
family in need, we also have the opportunity to be living examples of Christ’s love for His people.
There is no greater reward than when you are able to pray with your family and give them the keys
to their new home.

Team Meeting Dates
– January 21st (Noon in the Nook)
– March 18th (Noon in the Nook)
– April 29th (at Faith Lutheran in Troy, 12:30pm)


Pray for the team and those we will be serving.


Come serve on the trip May 14-20, 2018.


We are raising $8,300 to bless a family with a brand new home.

For more information and to get involved, contact Pastor Nikolai.