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An informational orientation for all new students in the Confirmation program will be held on Wednesday, September 5th at 7pm in the lower level ministry room near the church offices.

Confirmation FAQ

Parents bring their children to baptism because God first laid it on their heart to pass on the faith to their children.  Immanuel’s Confirmation program is one of the tools that we provide to our families to help continue passing on the faith to their children. Confirmation is the teaching of the faith, and specifically the beliefs of Christianity/Lutheranism.  As Christians our faith is never complete, for we are always learning more about our Lord and faith through life-long experiences and growth. As your family enters into the Confirmation program you will find that your child will become engaged in the Word of God, interested in speaking about faith with others, and changed as a result of their growing faith. The goals of Confirmation are three-fold.  Each student will be required to meet each of these three goals, as they begin their confirmation of faith.

  1. Each student will know the core beliefs of the faith into which they were baptized.
  2. Each student will be taught to embrace the faith into which they were baptized.
  3. Each student will be taught to explain and live out their faith with others.

Our congregation partners with the Lutheran High School Association in providing financial support to students attending a Lutheran high school.  In order for students to be considered for this scholarship, they must be a confirmed member.

For more information please read the informational documents above. If you have any further questions please send us an email or give us a call.