Middle School

A formative time in young life.

Our ministry to middle school kids gets a little more independent in developing their fatih.  Tools and support are given to make their faith “their own”. Parents are still the main influence in a child’s life but as the world becomes more “in their face” and confusion arises, we want our ministry to help lead the way to the truth of Christ Jesus.

Immanuel’s middle school ministry exists to help them experience God in the midst of their chaotic and busy life. We also want to help the kids discover who God created them to be and what His plan is for their life. By creating opportunities to love one another through service and fellowship, we teach the importance of community and accountability through relationships at Immanuel.

We want the be sure the middle schoolers understand that God will never stop loving them and that He knows them better than they know themselves. By teaching them how to live out God’s story in their lives, we hope that they will be an influence for Christ on social media, within their groups of friends, at their schools, and to the adults that enter their lives.

Throughout the year, we hold events that are social in nature such as dodgeball nights, excursions (such as Laser Tag and bowling), and retreats at area camps. Within the next year, we will be incorporating small group ministry to help develop mentoring relationships as well.

Middle schoolers are amazing kids.  They have so much knowledge, passion, and drive. And we want to partner with families to help each one see God for who He is, to see themselves the way God sees them, and to love others the way He loves us.

For more information about the ministry to middle schoolers, contact Dan Potoczak, Family Life Minister (7th-12th grade).

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