Facility Usage

Immanuel facilities are a blessing to our community and the community around us.  Immanuel reserves the right to allow use of its facilities to outside groups and vendors at any time, provided that ministry is not being disrupted by the rental.  ILCS also reserves the right to deny the use of its facilities based on interpretation of Scripture.  Immanuel property is private property.

Facility Policy and Usage Agreement

I1.     Facility Rental Policy

  1. Groups renting our facility for non-ministry events must sign the rental agreement form found on the website (immlutheran.org), or with our facility calendar coordinator.
  2. Groups that are affiliated with a Ministry of Immanuel will have all suggested donations waived.
  3. AA, Anxiety groups, or others that charge no fees for their ministry to others.  These groups must be approved by the Leadership Staff prior to approval of facility usage.
  4. The destruction or damage of any items used by a group will be the sole responsibility of the group to replace those items at the cost of ILCS.
  5. Immanuel also reserves the right to change or cancel any rental if the facility is needed for a ministry of Immanuel.  All donations would be applied to a future donation.
  6. ILCS gives all priority to the gym Stomps Center to our school ministry M-F during the school year from 8am to  8pm.
  7. Rental donations
  8. Upon payment received, 20% of rental donation (member and non-member) will be placed into a restricted account entitled “Facility Depreciation Maintenance”.
  9. Authorization to spend from the restricted account must be approved by the Lead Pastor.
  10. Suggested Rental donations:

Note: An “event” is defined as a one-time event lasting up to six hours.

  1. Classroom- $50/event
  2. Stomps Center–$250/event
  3. Equipment usage $25
  4. Set up and tear down $25
  5. Facility maintenance  $50
  6. Chapel–$100/event
  7. Set up and tear down $25
  8. Facility maintenance  $50
  9. Worship Center–$200/event
  10. Set up and tear down $25
  11. Facility maintenance  $50
  12. Soccer Fields–$100/event
  13. Kitchen Facility–$250/event
  14. Community Center — $100/event
  15. Set up and tear down $25
  16. Facility maintenance $50
  17. Groups may use items (projector, etc.) for a $25 donation for each item used.
  18. It is the expectation of ILCS that groups using the facility will return it to its found state or better when they are done.  Trash should be removed, whiteboards cleared, and tables and desks wiped off. 
  19. ILCS is not responsible to furnish equipment nor set up the room for the groups’ specifications. 


Stomps center



Community Center






Athletic Fields



Men's Club Hall Rental

Our Men’s Club at the back of the property is available for rentals for graduation parties, shower receptions, or family gatherings.  The Men’s Club hall has a small kitchen, men’s and women’s bathrooms, patio, horse shoe pits, and a charcoal bbq.  

The Men’s Club is the only space on our facility where alcohol may be served.  

For Rental information of our Men’s Club Hall, please call Bob Clore 586.286.3880

Our Men’s Club rentals are open to attenders and non-attenders of Immanuel alike.  

Please fill out facility request form below for all non-Men's Club Hall Rentals.

Facility Use Form
Cell Phone contact preferred