K-6th Grade

Kid's growing in Christ.


Our family ministry is centered around the whole family. When you walk into our worship services, you will see all ages helping with ushering, presenting the Bible readings, singing, lighting the candles, and serving together. Families walk together for communion with the children receiving a blessing. Families sit together, worshiping as a unit. We cherish having all ages together…growing and spending time with God together.

Outside our weekend services, we have family events and opportunities to serve whether it be within the church building, at our community garden, or at one of our events.  We also have many parenting classes, an interactive Sunday morning kids’ ministry, and resources to help each family with needs that arise. Families are highly valued at Immanuel and our ministry centers around helping each family grow together as their story of faith unfolds. What’s on the pages of your family’s faith growth? We want to help you with it as you see God working in your lives.

On Sunday mornings at 9:30am , the kids get together and learn about Jesus through various true events in the Bible and learn what God teaches us for our lives today.  The kids meet from September through November and January through March each week and grow as a small group with a mentor as well as with the large group that has singing and a presentation of the main story.

For more information about the family ministry in this age group, please contact Karen Reincke, Lead Family Life Minister.

Sunday Morning Kids' Ministry Registration Form


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If your child is older than 4th grade, please contact the church office (586-286-4231) regarding what is available on Sunday mornings.