Mrs. Shull's and Mrs. Safran's Preschool 3's

I am Carol Shull and I am blessed to be teaching Preschool 3’s.  This is my 18th year of teaching in Immanuel’s Preschool.
I am Becky Safran and I am a teacher assistant for Preschool 3’s.  I love to work with children and families here at Immanuel.

Goals for the students in our class

1) Learn about Jesus – Our primary goal is to share the love of God through Jesus Christ to all of our students. We want them to know that God made them, listens to them, takes care of them and has given them the Bible, where they learn that Jesus loves them, is their best friend and Savior, and will be with them in heaven.

2) Become accustomed to being in the school setting – We strive to help each child to feel comfortable, secure, and happy. We also want them to learn how to follow rules and routines and get along with others.

3) Develop readiness skills – We spend at least 30 minutes a day on activities that promote literacy, such as name recognition and writing; activities for learning letters and numbers; songs and finger plays which promote listening, vocabulary, phonemic awareness and rhyming; and of course, Story Time.   We also work on counting, cutting, fine-motor skills, patterning, opposites, sorting, and large-motor movement. We also give parents tips and ideas for helping children at home, since parents are the primary teachers.

4) Play – It can be easy to dismiss the value of play. However, the time young children spend in free-choice play and exploration is as important as learning letters, numbers, and how to write your name. Play is the way a child develops many abilities. The very same skills children use when they are playing with blocks, role playing in the house center, or engaging in other types of play are the skills that are vital for later academic learning.

5) Have fun!   It is such a joy to see smiles and giggles in the children as they experience the humor in hearing a funny book, the delight of singing a silly song, or the pleasure of pretending and using their imagination. We want this first school experience to be fun and enjoyable.


Daily Schedule


Bible Time

Activity Time (Small Groups and Free Choice Play)

Gym / Outside Time / Music & Movement

Circle Time / Story Time

Snack Time / Show and Tell



Preschool Snack

Each class day (except for the first two weeks of school when class times are shorter) we offer a simple snack of crackers along with water to drink. We do not have a snack schedule with assigned dates…instead, at various times throughout the year, families will be asked to provide boxes or bags of crackers to be served to the whole class.   They will be stored and when we are getting low on our supply, we will ask families to send in more. Examples of crackers are Goldfish, Teddy Grahams, Graham crackers, Cheez-its, or other types that are peanut-free (Check labels carefully.) Pretzels are fine, too.

Please follow these guidelines:

1) NO small individual bags. They are more expense for you and they take up too much room to store.

2) Peanut-freeBe sure the package does not say it may contain nut or peanut or peanut products or that it was made in a facility that also processes products containing peanuts or nuts. You need to check the package label very carefully! If we read this on the package we can’t serve it.

3) If your child has gluten or other food allergies and cannot eat crackers provided by families, you may send in your own crackers that we will store and serve just for your child. Then you do not need to send in crackers for the whole class.

4) Do not send in a special snack for your child’s birthday.

Field Trips

We have the following three field trips.

Fall:   Harvest Fest – Ray Wiegand’s Nursery (on Romeo Plank, north of Immanuel)

Winter:   Cutting Edge Gymnastics (44380 N. Groesbeck Hwy, Clinton Township)

Spring:   Sterling Heights Nature Center (42700 Utica Road, Sterling Hts.)

Field Trip Policies:

  1. We do not meet at school on the day of the field trip. An adult needs to transport and then accompany each student for the entirety of the field trip. This can be a parent, grandparent,     another parent from class, or other adult of your choice.
  2. No siblings should be brought along on any field trip.
  3. No smoking during the field trip.
  4. No cell phone use during the field trip presentations out of respect to the children and guide and so attention may fully be given toward the activities planned.