Frequently Asked Questions - Immanuel Lutheran School

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How often are new textbooks purchased for the classrooms? Who selects the new textbooks?

Textbooks are on a 5– 6 year rotation. Textbook selection is done by the Immanuel teachers. (For more information, see Academics)

How often is grade curriculum reviewed? Who reviews it and how often are changes/updates made?

Curriculum is reviewed by our faculty Curriculum Teams before purchasing a new series of textbook in a particular subject. (For more information, see Academics)

What is Immanuel’s policy on showing non-curriculum related movies in the classroom?

This is at the teacher’s discretion. Many times movies are shown as a treat or reward for a project. (For more information, see Academics)

Do students at Immanuel take the state M-STEP test?

No (For more information, see Academics)

Do they have to take any other standardized test?

The Iowa Test of Basic Skills each March for 3rd - 8th grade. (For more information, see Academics)

Is time taken out of their day to prepare for these tests?

No. These tests test the students acquired skills. There is no way to “prepare” for them, other than a good night’s rest and a good breakfast. (For more information, see Academics)

What if my child has special learning needs?

Children who meet the criteria can receive assistance from The Learning Center or our Reading Intervention Team (K-2). (For more information, see Academics)

How does Immanuel’s curriculum and student achievement compare to an average public school?

Immanuel’s cumulative achievement test scores show that our students are, on an average, two grade levels above the norm. Since Immanuel does not participate in the public school M-STEP testing, there is no comparison on paper. Some students that come to Immanuel from public school might be slightly behind in the expectations of Immanuel’s curriculum, but most catch up with their class-mates within a few months. (For more information, see Academics)

If my child has a question or problem, is it okay to call their teacher at home?

Questions like this should be addressed to the specific teacher. Most teachers are open to phone call and emails after school hours, but some set “phone hours” to preserve family time. (For more information, see Academics)

Is there a Lutheran high school affiliated with Immanuel?

The nearest Lutheran high school is Lutheran High North located at 24 Mile and Romeo Plank. Many of our graduates continue their education there.


How old does my child have to be to participate in sports?

Individual sports (track and cross country) begin in 4th grade. Team sports (volleyball, basketball,
softball, and soccer) begin at the 5th grade level. (For more information, see Athletics)

If my child is eligible to participate in sports, how does transportation work for away games or for tournaments?

Families are responsible for their transportation to and from games. (For more information, see Athletics)

I’m interested in coaching, who do I contact?

Contact Mr. David Kirchhoff who is our athletic director (and 8th grade teacher). (For more information, see Athletics)

Is my child expected to participate in after school activities, such as choir or band?

These are not after school activities, but part of Immanuel’s curriculum for a well rounded student. (For more information, see Music)

At what age does choir/band begin?

Children sing in choir from preschool through 5th grade. Ensemble Choir is an option for 6th—8th grade. Band is available for 5th grade and up. (For more information, see Music)

Are there Cub/Boy Scouts and Daisies/Brownies/Girl Scout clubs available at Immanuel?

Yes, these programs are active at Immanuel. You can contact the school office, and the staff can provide you with contact information appropriate to your child’s age. (For more information, see After School Programs)


Where/when can I pick up homework for my child who has been absent?

Please contact the school office and notify the staff that you wish to pick-up your child’s homework. The work will be collected and set on the “information table” opposite of the school’s office.

What is the procedure if we are running late?

If you arrive after the doors are locked, then the parents and the student should enter the church/school through the East Entrance. Security will then unlock the door and you should report to the school office so your child can receive a tardy slip before going to their classroom.

Who do I inform if my child has an early morning appointment or late afternoon appointment?

Please call the school office and send in a note to the child’s teacher.

Who do I report to when leaving/arriving at school?

After being buzzed in and signing it at the Security Desk, you must report to the school office. The school office will call the student’s classroom to dismiss the child.

Before & After School

If I am running late to pick up my child from school, what should I do?

If you don’t arrive by 3:25, your child will automatically be placed in ESC (Extended School Care). You will be able to pick them up from there. All parents should fill out the ESC forms at the time of registration, even if you don’t plan on using ESC regularly. Let your child know that on occasions you could be late picking them up and there is no need to worry. A telephone call to the office is not necessary.

Is ESC provided on school half days?

Yes, unless we publicize otherwise.

Where is morning ESC & when does it start?

Morning ESC is located in the Chapel basement. Please park directly behind the Chapel and enter through the double doors. ESC opens at 6:45 a.m.

Where is after school ESC and what are the hours of operation?

ESC begins at 3:15 and goes to 6:00 p.m. Afternoon ESC is located in the Chapel basement. Please park directly behind the Chapel and enter through the double doors.

How do I reach an adult supervisor for ESC?

The Extended School Care staff gives each parent their cell phone number so that they can be contacted during the time of ESC. Messages can also be called into the school office, if needed, to get a message to the ESC supervisors.

What do I do if I am running late to pick up my child from ESC?

Call the ESC caregivers if you have their number. The school office is often closed before ESC closes for the evening. Parents should have/know the numbers necessary for this type of late notices.

Is there an area for my child to complete homework at ESC?

Yes. All children must complete homework before they are to play.

Are children of all ages put together at ESC?

All grades are combined in latch-key.

How does the parking work for the drop off and pick-up of the students?

A drop off “lane” is in effect in the morning for school drop off. Drivers are to enter the school lot from 21 Mile or the southern most entrance from Romeo Plank, driving northward, then stop along the curb in front of the school to drop off their students. All traffic is then to exit out the northern most exit to Romeo Plank Road. If you must park, you must park in the North Parking Lot. During pick-up, parents are expected to BACK into all parking spaces, for safety.

Do you encourage parents to simply drop off their children in the mornings or do you like the parents to escort the children into school?

After the first week of school, all children should walk into school by themselves.

Dress Code

Where do I purchase Land’s End school uniforms for Immanuel?

Purchase online through our direct link (see website). We also provide Uniform Resales 2-3 times each year.


Can we wear any Land's End clothing from the Land's End website?

No. Only Land's End School Uniforms that are available through our Immanuel direct link - Lands’ End School Uniforms - Immanuel Lutheran School.  (For more information, see Dress Code & School Uniforms)

What shoes/socks can my child wear?

Any shoes with a closed back/back strap are acceptable. Socks must be worn. (For more information, see Dress Code & School Uniforms)

Are there specific rules on belts?

Belts must be of a traditional style. Belts are required for pants and skirts that have belt loops. Kindergarten students are not required to have belts if this is too challenging for them. (For more information, see Dress Code & School Uniforms)

What type of backpack is acceptable?

Any backpack that a child can easily pack and safely carry is acceptable. (For more information, see Dress Code & School Uniforms)


For more information, see Admissions & Enrollment

Can my child join a school year already in progress?

Yes, if space is available.

How has that traditionally worked out for students at Immanuel?

We have not had problems in the past.



For more information, see Hot Lunch

Can my child eat a snack during the day?

Yes, all the kids are encouraged to bring a healthy, mid-morning snack with them.

Can my child bring candy/soda pop/fast food in for lunch/snack?


What will happen if my child forgets his/her lunch?

All children will have something provided. If hot lunch is given that child’s hot lunch account will be charged.

If I need to drop off my child’s lunch during the school day, how should I do it?

You will need to enter through the East Entrance and stop our the Welcome Desk, sign in, and take your child's lunch to the school office. We will then deliver your child's lunch at lunch time.




Does Immanuel follow the same school schedule as the school districts in the area?

Immanuel closely follows Lutheran High School North’s school year schedule when possible. Chippewa Valley’s schedule is taken into consideration when making the Immanuel Lutheran calendar.

What is the best way for new families to acquaint themselves with the church/school?

Attend the many, varied school and church events. These can be found in the weekly school newsletter, the Charger Chatter, and the church bulletin.

What should I do if I am having a concern in my child's classroom?

All questions and concerns should first be made to the teacher directly, in a non-confrontational, Christian manner. If this does not bring about a resolution, then the matter should be brought to: ( in order) the principal, Board of Education, the pastor, and lastly, brought to the church council.

What should I do if my child tells me he/she is being teased or bullied at school?

Talk with the teacher first, then with the principal if necessary. Bullying is not allowed under any circumstances. Specific guidelines for bullying are in place at Immanuel to handle any problems.



Can any parent attend their child’s classroom parties?

Yes, if they have been cleared through our Risk Management background check ahead of time. This is required for any adult volunteering in the school or the church.


Parent Participation

Is parent involvement encouraged?

We have great volunteer support from our parents from help in the classroom, field trips, parties, class events, and more. We also have great parent participation in entire school activities and events such as our Auction, PTL (Parent Teacher League), Daddy Daughter Dance, Muffins in the Morning, Donuts at Dawn, and more. Parents help in our library, lunch, welcome desk, and more. Without this great support, our school would not be the school it is today.

What are the expectations of a room parent?

Room parents are expected to organize games/activities and recruit help for the classroom Christmas & Easter parties, help on picnic day, and during the teacher appreciation luncheon.

Are parents invited to Chapel?

Yes, parents are always welcome.

Where do we sit?

Parents are asked to sit in the back behind the chapel families during worship.

Are parents invited to other all-school special events held during the school day?

Yes. Any questions as to whether an event is an all-school or classroom specific event can be addressed by the school office.

How do I get involved with school/church related activities?

Call the school or church to get the name of the person in charge of a specific activity or just attend.

Can anyone come to PTL meetings?

Yes, any parent can attend and all are welcome. The meetings are held the last Monday of each month and are held in the Media Center. A reminder is placed in the weekly newsletter.

How does the PTL differ from the Board of Education?

The Parent Teacher League is a volunteer group of parents. They organize various fundraising events, programs, and activities to enhance the school and its curriculum. The Board of Education is made up of elected members, who must be members of the church. They must be approved of at a voter’s assembly and commit to serve at least a 2-year term.

Safety & Security

If there is an emergency, i.e. a mandatory lockdown or terrorist threat, what procedures will be followed?

Immanuel has a Emergency Management handbook that is used by all the staff. The school office has procedures in place that can convey a lockdown status to the entire school in one announcement. Parents and guardians will be notified through phone call or text blasts when necessary.

What will happen if my child gets hurt during the day?

The parent or guardian will be called immediately and, if necessary, and an incident report will be filled out.

How do I enter the school during school hours? Are the doors locked?

All exterior doors are locked during school hours. Guests may only enter through the East Entrance using the intercom to speak with our Security Team before being allowed to enter into the building.

Does the church conduct activities during school hours that would bring additional people into the school? How is my child’s safety assured?

If this situation occurs, procedures are put into place to guard the entrances into the school. All school and church staff is told to be more cautious and to stop anyone who seems unfamiliar and ask if they can be of assistance.

Can my child be released to someone other than a parent?

Only those on your emergency contact/release form.

School Day

If I need to get a message to my child during the school day, how can I do it?

If a child needs to have a message delivered to them during the school day, the parent/guardian can contact the school’s office either through telephone or email. The message will be delivered from that point to the child. Do not email the teacher directly as our teachers may not have time during their day to check their email during school hours.

How are bathrooms monitored and how often can my child go to the bathroom?

Bathroom passes are required to use the restrooms. Restroom breaks are scheduled at regular interval by the teachers, as well as during lunch and after recess. Other times are at the discretion of the teacher.

What are Chapel Families?

Chapel Families are made up of a teacher/leader and at least one student per grade. These families meet in designated spots before chapel. They sit together during chapel and do special projects together throughout the year.


What is Immanuel’s policy on technology?

Children will have access to technology during class time and lab time,. All students are required to sign a Technology Use form at the beginning of the year. This acknowledges that technology will be used appropriately and for school purposes only.

Are appropriate web filters applied to all devices?

Yes, Immanuel's employs a web-based internet security and web filtering service for our entire network and Wi-Fi.


If my child is not Lutheran or does not attend Immanuel Church, will he/she “stand out” or be excluded from the other children in any way?

No, many of the students are not members of Immanuel Lutheran Church.

If my child is not Lutheran or does not attend Immanuel Church, will he/she be uncomfortable in Chapel or with any other religious teachings?

No. Any specific questions regarding doctrine or comparisons of Christian denominations can be made to our Lead Pastor, Pastor Greg Griffith.

How many non-Lutherans and non-Immanuel Church students are there in attendance at school?

Approximately 60% of our K8 students are members of Immanuel Lutheran Church and about 40% are members of other various Christian denominations. A very small percentage are families are unchurched or of a non-Christian religion.

Who can I talk to about how my faith or religion in comparison to Lutheran faith?

Any specific questions regarding doctrine or comparisons of Christian denominations can be made to Pastor Greg Griffith.

I would like to learn more about becoming a ember at Immanuel. What do I do?

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Teachers & Staff

How often are teachers given performance reviews and feedback?

Teacher performance review is done annually. Informal review is done throughout the school year between the principal and the teachers.

Do the teachers and principal truly function as a team?

Yes. Our Christian teaching staff and principal are truly dedicated, professional, and caring people who believe in the total well-being of your child. The principal and teachers meet for monthly staff meetings. Also, the entire Immanuel staff meets monthly for a staff meeting led by our lead pastor.

Do Immanuel teachers have current teaching certificates?

Yes, all of our teaches at Immanuel are required to maintain current Michigan Teacher Certification.

Are all teachers and staff screened?

Yes, every employee of Immanuel must go through a screening process which checks their records with the State Police of Michigan. Also, a fingerprinting of all employees must be done in compliance with the State of Michigan laws.

How often and what type of continuing education classes and trainings do Immanuel teachers participate in?

The teachers and staff continue their education through workshops and training throughout the year. Some workshops are completed at Immanuel while others are off campus. Each teacher must continue continuing education in order to keep their teaching certificate current.


Is the bus system affiliated with Immanuel or is it run by a separate school district?

Immanuel doesn’t have a bus system. Chippewa Valley School district allows families who reside in their school district to use their bus system for transportation to and from school.

Who do I talk to with bus scheduling problems?

The first step is to call the school office. We will direct you to the proper people in Chippewa Valley if the situation warrants a direct conversation with the Transportation Department.

Do the buses run all school days for Immanuel, or will there be times to which I need to arrange transportation?

On the days which Chippewa Valley Schools are not in session, or have half-days to Immanuel’s full days, then the bussing for Immanuel students will not occur. Additional arrangement will have to be made by the parent/guardian. These days are announced in the weekly school newsletter.

Tuition & Fees

What is the tuition?

See Tuition

How do we pay tuition?

All payments to Immanuel, including tuition, are made through Smart Tuition. Each family will have an account through Smart Tuition and have a variety of options for online payment. For more information, see Smart Tuition.

If payments need to be brought to Immanuel, they should be taken downstairs in the church office, during regular business hours, or you can drop off an envelope at the wooden drop boxes located outside the school and church offices.

What do my registration fees go toward?

Registration fees cover all books, textbooks, workbooks, printing, copying, paper, office filing, classroom supplies, technology (network infrastructure, software, programs) PTL for room parties, picnic expenses, expenses for classroom projects, and many other enhancements needed for the students of Immanuel.