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Mrs Clements
My name is Taylor Clements and I am excited to teach first grade at Immanuel this year! I am a life-long member of Immanuel, baptized by Pastor Mike and graduate of the day school. Immanuel has been an integral part of my faith and life walk; many of the teachers here inspired me to become a teacher myself. I'm excited to have my husband, David, as a member of the Immanuel family as we grow in faith and life together. I attended Lutheran High School North and graduated from Concordia, Ann Arbor in 2014. I received my bachelor's degree in Language Arts for Elementary Education, with a minor in Early Childhood Education.

This fall marks the start of my fourth year of teaching overall, my third year teaching first grade at Immanuel. I am truly I previously taught a 1-2 split class at St. Peter in Richmond.

Outside of school, I enjoy reading, watching Netflix, country music and concerts, hiking, and spending time with friends and family.
I look forward to teaching God's children this school year.

1C Weekly Newsletter
Mrs. Neumeyer
Hello!  My name is Shannon Neumeyer and I am thrilled to be a 1st grade teacher at Immanuel.  Being a part of the Immanuel family has been one of the most influential pieces of my personal faith walk and has also served as a source of wisdom and guidance for my husband, Joel, and I as we raise our daughters, Elise and Kate, to walk in the ways of the Lord.  When not at work, I enjoy swimming, baking, and enjoying time with my family. My kids are growing all too quickly, so I try to enjoy every minute while they are young.

My love for learning started when I was young and I continue to learn more each day! I completed my bachelor’s degree at Grand Valley State University and received my Masters in the Teaching of Reading at Saginaw Valley State University. I have also received training in DIBELS, Reading Horizons, and Phonics First.  I am a life-long learner who continues to study the best practices and trends in reading, math, and multi-sensory learning.

The Lord has truly blessed me with the opportunity to teach at Immanuel and share God's love with the children and their families.  I enjoy the fun and excitement that 1st graders bring to each school day!

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Field Trips & Special Events
  • Friday, September 28th - Detroit Zoo (8:45am-2:45pm)

We’ll take a guided tour, learn about animals and their habitats, and explore the zoo as we wrap-up our science unit on animals!

  • Thursday, February 14th - Church of Christ Nursing Home (morning)

This service event gives us the opportunity to sing songs of God’s love and give valentines to the residents at Church of Christ.

  • Tuesday, March 5th - Goldfish Swim School (in class presentation)

We’ll learn about the importance of water safety in this 20 minute presentation.

  • Tuesday, April 16th - Faith Walk (6:30pm)

Students will share their faith at this milestone event.  Students will display the key pieces from their faith journey, dress up as a Hero of Faith, and present their selected Hero of Faith in the Worship Center.   Family and friends are welcomed to this event.

  • Tuesday, May 7th - Upland Hills Farm (8:30am-2:45pm)

At the farm, we’ll take a hayride, learn about animals, follow the trail through the woods, play on the playground, and find out what life on a farm is all about!

  • Friday, May 24th - First Grade Campout (in class event)

We’ll have fun kicking off the camping season as we incorporate the camping theme into our school day.


Choir Schedule

First Grade Choir Schedule 2018-2019

  • Sunday, October 7th @ 11:00am
  • Wednesday, November 28th @ 6:30pm (Advent Worship)
  • Sunday, January 27th @ 11:00am
  • Wednesday, March 13th @ 4:00pm (Lenten Worship)
  • Sunday, May 5th @ 9:30am (Outdoor Worship)
“Oh come, let us sing to the Lord; let us make a joyful noise to the rock of our salvation!” Psalm 95:1
Faith Walk

The Faith Walk is a very special event for all of our First Graders here at Immanuel that celebrates each child's faith journey thus far. Students, with the help of their parents, have the opportunity to take time to reflect on their faith journey and research a Biblical hero of faith.

Faith Chest: The goal of a Faith Chest is to hold items that are significant in your child’s faith journey.  This chest can be added to and displayed at significant times in your child’s life, such as confirmation and graduation.

  • The Faith Chest should be a sturdy container (a small trunk, sturdy wicker chest, large hat box, plastic storage container, or toolbox).
  • The chest may be decorated (child’s name, favorite Bible verse, cross, etc.).
  • The Faith Chest may contain items such as Baptism gown, pictures, Bible, Baptism candle, Religion books, cross, picture of Jesus, etc.

Heroes of Faith: Each child will choose a Biblical hero of faith to learn about and to dress up as.  Students will present their costume and fact(s) about their Biblical hero of faith to family and friends the night of the Faith Walk and also in Chapel.


More information and specific details will be shared with families in the weeks leading up to the Faith Walk event.

Service Projects

First graders have an opportunity to serve the elderly and home-bound within our community.  Each class creates cards that share the love of Jesus with those in our community and/or nursing homes.  We aim to reach out during the Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Valentine seasons.


1st Grade Bible Gifting
Our 1st grade Bible gifting is a very important part of our ministry to teach the faith to children. It is important because we teach that growing in our faith is an on-going process and is much deeper than what can be learned in a 20 minute sermon at services. As Christians, our faith journey is never complete for we are always learning more about our Lord and faith through life-long experiences and growth.

Starting to read the Bible is an important foundation in this life-long passion for Christ. As a child, having their own Bible to read will help grow that passion for learning more about Jesus and the true stories that are in the Bible. When children begin reading the Bible, they are changed. They begin speaking about their faith and grow closer to God.

The Faith Milestone of First Grade Bible Gifting is a life-changing event for many families. It is a time when the parents are an integral part of the ceremony and personally hand the Bible to the children.   As a wrap up to the Bible Gifting we have an evening to celebrate what they are learning in the Bible called a "Faith Walk" during which the children dress up as their favorite Bible character and show off their faith chests.

Thank you to the Men's Club of Immanuel who are donating the Bibles for the children this year.

If you have any questions, please contact Karen Reincke, Minister to Children (K-6) and their Families.


Curriculum - 1st Grade
RELIGION – Students learn Biblical events along with Memory Work once a week. Memory work will include Bible verses, prayers, and songs which will be sung in church with first grade choir.

CHOIR – All children in grade 1 participate in choir practice weekly. Children are asked to join us in worship at Immanuel at specific services on the occasions that the choir is scheduled to sing.

CHAPEL – All students in grades 1 – 8 gather for Chapel every Wednesday morning. The children have formed chapel families made up of students from each grade level. They sit together during chapel services and will be involved in chapel family activities throughout the year. Our class will be leading chapel once this year. Parents are always welcome to join us for worship.

MATH –We use Math Expressions combined with hands-on manipulatives. Our goal is for the children to understand and apply mathematical concepts in the real world. Along with understanding concepts, there is still the need to memorize basic math facts (addition and subtraction). Students learn strategies for working fluently with addition and subtraction.


  • GUIDED READING - Whole-class reading instruction will be done through quality children’s literature and the MacMillan/McGraw-Hill “Treasures” readers.
  • PHONICS - Phonics instruction, through the Reading Horizons program, will help children understand the foundations of reading, writing, and spelling.
  • THE DAILY FIVE - The Daily Five consists of five literacy centers that the students rotate through while the teacher meets with small groups for individualized guided reading or phonics lessons. Here is a brief explanation of each component of the Daily Five:
    • READ TO SELF – Students read independently, using books that they choose at their “just-right” reading level.
    • READ TO SOMEONE – Students read with a partner in order to practice fluency, expression, and comprehension.
    • LISTEN TO READING – Students hear examples of good literature and fluent reading in order to expand their vocabulary and become better readers.
    • WORK ON WRITING – Students practice writing through a variety of means, including real-life writing such as lists, letters, postcards, etc.
    • WORD WORK – Students use a variety of hands-on materials to practice our sight words and spelling patterns.
  • STORYTIME – Stories and chapter books will be read daily to enrich the curriculum areas we are studying and to develop a love for literature and the joy of reading for pleasure.

SCIENCE – The following areas of information will be covered: Physical Science (matter & magnets), Life Science (plants & animals, life requirements, life cycles, heredity), and Earth Science (solar energy, weather, earth materials). We’ll be using a variety of materials, including Macmillian/McGraw-Hill big books, observation, experiments, and video clips.

SOCIAL STUDIES – A study of people and the world in which we live will be taught. The following areas of information will be covered: Geography, American Symbols, Presidents, Needs and Wants, Goods and Services, and Good Citizenship.

CURRENT EVENTS – We’ll be using a weekly children’s newspaper to learn about important events taking place in our world.

PHYSICAL EDUCATION – Taught by a Utica Community Schools' PE teacher. Please see the class schedule for PE days. Girls should wear slacks, shorts or skorts on those days, if possible. Testing for running 1/4 mile, pull-ups, sit & reach, and sit-ups will be conducted throughout the year. The testing is for Presidential Physical Fitness awards. The EPEC curriculum is being used this year.

MUSIC – Taught weekly by Ms. Kaniuk.

ART – Taught weekly in the Art Room by a Utica Community Schools' Art teacher.

COMPUTERS – Taught weekly by a Utica Community Schools' Media Center teacher.

BOOK BORROWING – Children are scheduled weekly in the school Media Center. They will be introduced to library skills, authors, books, etc. Children may take out books weekly. Classroom library books are available to be used in the classroom.

SNACK – Morning break time includes time for a healthy snack. It is each child’s responsibility to bring his/her own snack. Due to allergies, we do not allow snacks to be shared. We will not have snack on half days. DO NOT send any peanut or tree nut products to school. Milk is provided at lunchtime.

RECESS – All recesses are scheduled for outdoors. We all go out unless it is raining or bitterly cold. Please dress children appropriately. If your child must stay in from recess (doctor’s orders), please send in a note for that day. We will place the child in another classroom during recess time.

SHOW & TELL – Each child will have the opportunity to bring something for “Show & Tell”. Guidelines will be set for the children to follow.

FIELD TRIPS AND ASSEMBLIES – Throughout the year, field trips are scheduled off-campus. We aim to send home information and permission slips early enough to be able to accommodate everyone who would like to join us as a chaperone. Because of our Risk Management policy, we need 2 adults per car for each field trip. On-campus assemblies and classroom speakers are also scheduled throughout the year.

Mrs. Clements' Class Schedule
Mrs. Neumeyer's Class Schedule
Memory Work
We will practice our Memory Work during the week and discuss how it applies to both our Bible stories and our lives today. The purpose of memorizing Scripture is:
1) It’s the number one tool for resisting temptation;
2) It helps guide us in our thoughts, words and deeds;
3) It comforts us in difficult times; and
4) It helps us witness to unbelievers.
Weekly Memory is one way that we, as a school, can help equip children for whatever they may face in life. Your support and help is greatly appreciated!
Due Dates - Memory
Math Facts
Students will learn strategies for addition and subtraction math facts.  Their use of the strategies and/or fluency with the math facts will be assessed throughout the school year.


Math Fact Mapping - Addition
Math Fact Mapping - Subtraction

Sight Words
Students will continue to develop their sight word recognition in first grade.  Students will have the opportunity to practice the words within classroom and home setting.  Students will be assessed on their ability to read the sight words fluently.


Lists - 1st Grade Sight Words

Just Right Book Suggestions
This resource guide provides a list of books for Guided Reading Levels A through R. Use this list to keep your child reading at home throughout the school year and summer months. At this age and stage it is important for your child to read independently, to read with you, and also for you to read aloud to your child. Easier books and Just Right Books are good reads for your child to read independently and with you. More challenging books would be good options for you to read to your child. Keep in mind that we strive towards fluency and comprehension as we read. So take time to make predictions, ask questions, make connections, visualize, and retell a story.

The books on this list were cross-referenced with our local public library so many of the titles should be available to you and your child at no cost. Many of the titles in this resource are fiction, but don’t hesitate to read non-fiction texts too.

Thank you for all you do to help your child grow as a reader!



Just Right Book Parent Guide

Our goal for 1st grade is for students to grow academically, spiritually, socially, and behaviorally while developing strengths, weaknesses, and God-given talents, so that students are prepared for the challenges at the next academic level and beyond. - 1st Grade Teachers

Memory Book 2017