If you have any questions about Immanuel’s School Music Program, please contact Mrs. Jennifer Blickensdorf, Director of Children’s Music.

Music Performance Schedule 2017-2018

Classroom Music


Classroom Music

Music is part of the Immanuel Lutheran School curriculum


Music is a very important part of the Immanuel Kindergarten curriculum.  Many things are learned through music at this level.  Many sacred and secular songs are learned to help the students learn the importance of music and how God can be praised through music.  The Kindergarten classes have a Christmas Program and a Spring Program where the songs they have learned throughout the year are shared.

GRADES 1, 2, & 3

The grades are introduced to many aspects of music including the basics of music theory and history. Through singing, listening, and playing, their music vocabulary is increased and the appreciation of the many types of music is learned. Hands-on learning with rhythm instruments is also incorporated. Singing is a very important part of the music program in these lower grades.


The recorder is introduced in grade 4 as a means of teaching note reading and playing an instrument within a group. All student spend a semester learning the art of playing the recorder and then performing at the end of the school year at the Spring Music Concert. Vocal techniques, including sight-singing, are introduced this year.


All students in grade 5 are part of a choir that takes on more challenging music and part singing. Vocal techniques are further developed at this level. Students are also given the opportunity to begin band.

GRADES 6, 7, & 8

Students at this level are given the choice to participate in either band, choir, handbells, or any combination of these three groups.  Performance is stressed in these musical groups. Music Appreciation is also taught as a choice during our Fine Arts Period. Students have opportunities to participate in both school and church worship services, and are encouraged to participate in Solo/Ensemble Festivals.

Instrumental Music



Beginning Band

This band consists of 5th graders or beginning upper grade students who are just beginning to learn an instrument.  A year of beginning band helps a student to learn to read music, get acquainted with their new instrument, and to learn to play easy music within a group setting.  Instruction is given twice a week during the school day with the expectation of daily practice at home. An opportunity to try out instruments in early September is given to all 5th graders.

Advanced Band

This band is made up of student who have one or more years of experience playing an instrument. More advanced music is learned with the goal of performance at concerts and to compete in the Lutheran School Music Festival usually held in the month of February.  Instruction is given twice a week during the school day with the expectation of daily practice at home. Individual band students may participate in the Lutheran School Solo and Ensemble Festival held in late spring.


Handbell Choir

Students in grades 6 – 8 may participate in the Handbell Choir. This handbell choir practices once a week and performs in the Immanuel Lutheran worship services. They also participate in concerts and the Lutheran School Music Festival in February. Students learn the technique of reading music, handling the bells in various ways, and to work together to make beautiful handbell music. Depending on the number of students, the choir may be split into beginners and advanced groups.

Vocal Music



Classrooms Choirs

All students in Kindergarten through the 5th grade are part of a classroom choir.  These choirs sing at Immanuel Lutheran Church worship.  They are scheduled about once every six weeks to sing at either the 8:00 a.m. or 11:00 a.m. worship service.  Attendance is expected of all students.  Sacred anthems and songs are learned in the classroom and are sung at these times of worship.  The choirs also sing at Immanuel’s Wednesday services during Advent and Lent.  Classroom teachers are the directors of these choirs and prepare the children for the performances.

Ensemble Choir

Students in grades 6 – 8 may choose to participate in the Ensemble Choir.  This choir practices twice a week during the Fine Arts period of the school day.  More difficult two or three part music is part of the choir’s selections.  This choir performs for worship at Immanuel, participates in Choir Concerts of Immanuel, and prepares annually to participate in the Lutheran School Music Festival in February where they are judged according to their performance and technique.  Individual singers of this choir may participate in the Lutheran School Solo and Ensemble Festival in late spring.