Small Groups

Connecting with God and others

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Small Group ministry allows you to get connected and get involved in a significant way. Life is all about relationships. First and foremost, a relationship with God and then relationships with each other. Small groups are a way to get involved not only growing deeper in the Word, but also in life together. The Small Group ministry is for everyone. We have groups that meet everyday of the week and all around the greater Macomb area.

These groups are usually based out of a home where food, conversation and study are part of the experience. This is a welcoming and friendly way to grow deeper in faith together.

Summer Small Groups are a great way to gather during the summer. These are often based around an interest or a hobby. There are groups for hiking, fishing, knitting, cooking, brewing, and boating to name just a few.

If you are interested in learning more about small group opportunities get in touch with Pastor Nikolai.